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I Need A Bulb – LUMENSTREAM are an Energy Services Company (ESCO) which helps businesses to reduce their energy consumption, cost and increase their cash flow.

We achieve this by way of our LED lighting as a service product.

Many businesses do not have the money or time to upgrade to LED lighting technology. They are fully invested in running their business.

That’s where we come in and offer them LED lighting as a service.

To break it down simply, we will carry out all aspects of your LED lighting upgrade project – the upfront cost, the project management, the installation of the LEDs, and the ongoing maintenance of the LED light fittings for 5 years.

As well as a fully upgraded premises, we deliver our clients an immediate increase in cash flow and we are paid a proportion of these cash savings. At the end of the 5 years our clients own the LED lights and keep all the savings.

Every aspect of your LED lighting upgrade from the product to the replacement of fittings.

We make all the capital investment for your business, we project manage the installation and we even maintain the lighting for 5 years.

Apart from providing us with simple information and meeting with us, our clients don’t have to invest any time or money into their LED lighting upgrade. And they also get to enjoy fully serviced LED lights for the duration of the term.

One call to us about a failed LED fitting and we come out and replace it with a completely new fitting.

Our service gives our clients time to focus on their own business as well as enjoy increased cash flow and improved lighting.

It’s all about the cost and the risk.

Purchasing the LED lighting technology would involve putting up the capital and also taking on the risk of ownership.

You would be responsible for the project management and installation of the LED lighting upgrade, as well as the ongoing maintenance of the equipment.

We are paid a monthly service fee.

With our LED lighting as a service product, we are paid a proportion of the savings generated by the LED lights for 5 years. This fee is calculated and agreed in advance and is fixed for the duration of the 5-year service agreement, giving you greater control and surety over your energy costs in the medium term.

It is calculated on a project by project basis and is determined by the number and type of LED lights installed, the project management, the installation, the maintenance, the Munich Re insurance and our margins.

We’ve been asked that before.

There is no catch – but you don’t need to believe us. Check out our client testimonials.

We see it like this, the savings from our technology are so good that we are willing to make the entire investment for a proportion of the cash savings generated by our LED lighting technology.

Argus Energy Management, part of Ingenious Group, have committed to funding our LED lighting as a service projects.

HSB Insurance, part of Munich Re, are the worlds leading reinsurers of engineering projects.

We’ve covered everything because we want to make this process easy for our clients.

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Quantifying Your Lighting Energy

If we can generate significant savings at your facility, to merit our investment, we will provide you with a LED lighting upgrade at zero upfront cost.

But how do we quantify your lighting energy usage and create projected savings?

It’s actually quite simple.  We base it upon 4 variable factors:

#1 – The wattage of your existing light fittings vs our LED replacement
#2 – The hours, today and in the future, that you are using your lighting
#3 – Your unit rate of electricity
#4 – Your reduction in maintenance fees from today to zero, when you switch to I Need A Bulb – LUMENSTREAM

One of the world's leading re-insurance providers, Munich Re (A+ rated) provide re-insurance on your LED lighting upgrade project - our collaboration allows us to offer a zero quarrel warranty on our projects.

We are proud in our association with HSBC, "the worlds bank", supporting our corporate financial infrastructure.

Argus Energy Manageent specialise in providing energy efficiency infrastructure upgrades throughout the UK - they make your transition to a eco-friendly future a reality.

Our Service

We like our business to be simple and straightforward and that is reflected in your service agreement contract with our associates Argus Energy Management. Please note, there is no financing involved in our service.  This is a an off balance sheet transaction, as you will not be paying interest or receiving credit on a product that comes without upfront cost.  Quite simply, you pay us a share of the energy savings that our LED lighting generates at your facility, by way of a service fee.

The LED lighting will remain the property of Argus Energy Management, for the duration of the service agreement, and therefore its value will depreciate on their balance book and not yours.

At the end of the service agreement we transfer the ownership of the LED lighting over to you.  No hidden costs or agenda, just a simple transfer of ownership.

You will then benefit from 100% of the energy savings generated by the LED lighting.  However, should you wish for us to maintain the lighting for you, we can offer an ongoing service fee but for a fraction of the original value.

Remember all of our projects are underwritten, with an energy efficiency insurance policy, by Munich Reinsurance.  If one of our lights breaks down we will fix it and if not, you can stop paying us, it’s in the contract.